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What Are Soap Bottle Holders Used For?

When trying to make your business bathroom and restroom area more aesthetically pleasing to your customer, soap holders play a crucial yet often overlooked role. These simple yet effective bathroom accessories are designed to keep your branded soap bottles secure, tidy, and accessible to your customer.

Alongside your chosen brand of soap bottle and business style, a well-chosen soap holder can improve the bathroom experience for customers whilst ensuring that your products don’t go astray. But what are soap bottle holders used for and how can they help you and your business?

What Are the Benefits of Soap Bottle Holders?

Although a simple device, a soap bottle holder can deliver a host of benefits for a variety of different reasons.

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Having soap bottles lying around can look messy and unkept, bringing down the overall aesthetic of a bathroom.

Coming in a variety of different colours and shapes to suit any bottle brand and bathroom style, we feature soap bottle holders for every need. Our brackets are designed to securely holster a variety of branded bottles including:


Unfortunately, your expensive soap bottles can go astray, get misused or get damaged if they’re not secured properly. By installing a dedicated soap bottle holder, you can help minimise the risk of losing your products and help you save more money in the long run.

Some of our soap bottle holders help to eliminate the risk of your goods going missing, keeping them secure. Take a look at our shop page for more.

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Who Can Benefit From Soap Bottle Holders?

Soap bottle holders offer anyone wanting to give their bathroom a cosmetic upgrade whilst simultaneously securing their soap goods. With that being said, some users benefit more from this than others.

Hotels – Hotels get great use out of soap bottle holders. With hundreds of rooms often utilising the same style, they tend to invest in soap bottle holders in bulk.

Wedding Venues – Due to the nature of wedding venues, the toiletry areas can get a little messy. Soap bottle holders do their part in minimising the mess caused by guests.

Bars – Much like wedding venues, bars value soap bottle holders as a way of minimising mess and keeping soap bottles secure.

Restaurants – The goal of a restaurant is to establish a level of class by providing a well kept clean aesthetic. By utilising soap bottle holders, restaurants can keep their restrooms looking clean, leaving their customers with a pleasant memory of their visit.

Holiday Lets and Air BnB’s – Giving your guests a good experience when they visit your holiday let is important. Just like restaurants, holiday lets and Air BnB’s need to make a good impression with their restrooms to encourage more visits. On top of that, ensuring that the soap bottles don’t go missing will ensure that your profits aren’t being eaten into.

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