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Dispenser Bracket for MOLTON BROWN SOAP

Discover the perfect craft of functionality and style with our stylish Dispenser Brackets for Molton Brown branded soaps. Give your visitors, guests and customers a new level of luxury to their handwashing. These elegant brackets not only keep it safe from theft, but also add a touch of sophistication to any business or space. 


Browse our range of soap holders below. 

  • Melia Savoy Double Soap Bracket

    From £70.00
  • Melia Savoy Single Soap Bracket

    From £60.00
  • Savoy Double Soap Bracket

    From £56.00
  • Dorchester Soap Bracket

    From £55.00
  • Savoy Single Soap Bracket

    From £52.50
  • Melia Shangri-la Double Soap Bracket

    From £45.00
  • Melia Shangri-la Single Soap Bracket

    From £40.00
  • Shangri-la Double Soap Bracket

    From £31.00
  • Nobu Double Soap Bracket

    From £27.50
  • Shangri-la Single Soap Bracket

    From £26.50
  • Nobu Soap Bracket

    From £22.50

Why Stylistic Steel
for Molton Brown Soap Brackets?

Stylistic Steel started in a local country house – our ethos was the same as it is now, to provide high-quality bespoke stainless-steel holders for the biggest soap products on the market. 

Through the years, we have forged strong and meaningful partnerships with leading brands, renowned hotels, luxurious spas, stores, esteemed corporate entities, flourishing small businesses, and cherished individual customers across the UK and beyond. These collaborations have enriched our expertise and deepened our passion for delivering excellence in every creation.

Regardless if you seek a single Molton Brown Soap Bracket to enhance your bathroom at home or require a bulk order of 2000 for a hotel project, we are on hand to make it happen. Looking to find out more about our business and its origins? You’ll find all the information on our About page.

We’re here to answer any questions on our soap holders

At Stylistic Steel, we take immense pride in providing the finest soap holders for Molton Brown products that combine both sensible functionality and a stunning look. Our mission is to elevate your handwashing experience to a new level of luxury, and we understand that you may have questions while choosing the perfect soap holder for your needs. We can be reached through out Contact page. Get in touch if you have any questions.

Secure your brackets for Molton Brown branded soaps

We understand that buying luxury soap stock is an expensive investment for restaurants, hotels, clinics, and any other businesses. That is why having a bracket to protect the soap bottles from theft is so important. Our brackets ensure that your soap bottles will remain in place for every customer or guest who visits. You can have a closer look at our soap brackets by viewing our 360-degree view page. 

Looking for more soap holder options?

While our Molton Brown Soap Holders exude elegance and luxury, we understand that different tastes and preferences call for a diverse range of choices. We invite you to explore more soap holder options to find the perfect match for your unique style and needs. The best way to see our offerings is to visit our online shop. Where you will see a wealth of soap bracket options.